Thursday, January 2

Busy Cousins, Busy Day

Since the visiting cousins had only one whole day in LA with us, we had to squeeze in a lot of fun. We started the day with some silly faces and Travel Town fun.
Train ride! Poor Gio and Uncle Brian missed out as one of them was napping in the car.
A game of tag in an old train car.
Posing with one of the big engines, after climbing all over it and "driving it to the North Pole and back."
Gio isn't sure if the salsa is as mild as Uncle Tim claimed.
 After filling up on beans and rice, Porter recharges.
Our insane 85 degree weather meant that a trip to the beach was in order.
Sand sledding is maybe my favorite beach activity.

Gio has got the best smile. He loved the beach so much; it was awesome to witness.
 Gemma played a giggly round of peek-a-boo with me while waiting for the "boys car" to park before dinner in Little Tokyo.
 Gio approves of the udon.
The best part of the day is that, after lots of delay and bad weather, Grandpa Chris and Grandma Marge's plane did eventually leave Michigan. They will be landing a bit after midnight to join the fun for tomorrow!

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