Saturday, August 3

Michigan Day

We are winding down our whirlwind vacation with a few calm days (as calm as it gets with 2 kids) in Michigan with my mom.
 The big excitement for today was that Porter mastered the monkey bars. He started on these medium sized ones at our first playground of the day. He was so proud of himself but it was awesome to see how sweet and proud Matilda was.
 Next up we visited another playground with bigger monkey bars to challenge the new master!

After all the play we did some art projects to quiet down and pass the time while grandma made dinner. I made Matilda do a few pages of a grade 2 review workbook in an attempt to ease her back into a school-ready mentality! She was less than pleased at first but once she warmed up to it she did well and blew through a bunch of good practice work.
 Grandpa Chris also showed off some of his fun helicopter toys during the pre-dinner hang out time.
 Finally, we wrapped the evening up with yet another bowl of outrageously colored ice cream.

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