Wednesday, July 4

Big Bear Camping

Like all the canoeing, our whole first camping trip to Big Bear was great. It was super close (2 hours drive) so despite a crazy, late start Friday night we still managed to get away for the weekend. Our campsite had lots of great boulders which kept the (mountain goat) kids entertained while Tim and I got to relax a bit. 

 On a hike we spotted this great blue tailed lizard who took his
time running off to hide so everyone got a good look. 
"Look a 3, hey, I am three!"
We made breakfast burritos for the first time camping this trip and they were delicious and awesome. I got the idea from this website of how to make them super simple at camp.

It was quite cold at night (45) and got super hot fast during the day (85ish), so it was a tricky dilemma to get your hot chocolate drank down before the sun was too hot!
More food: mid-afternoon, post-canoe ice cream break.  
I varied our foil dinners this time to try someone's recommendation of ground beef instead of chicken breast. I do not recommend it. 
 Matilda, however, was smiley enough over hers. 
 Pie iron dessert experiment = highly recommended.   
 It seems that while Tim could not get to sleep he experimented with camera settings! 
 The Discovery Center in Big Bear had a lot of good taxidermy specimens to inspect/enjoy.
 We found this crazy swimming place on Sunday so the kids could get another dip in the lake checked off their list. I am very proud to say I passed the swimming test required to allow me access to the huge waterslide. No one else in the family ventured out with me, but they were all very pleased to watch my water adventure. It was way harder to climb up that thing that I imagined.

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