Wednesday, August 30

5 Months Old

Matilda has had a big month.

She is still working on perfecting the art of sitting up.

She got to go home and visit her roots.

Matilda is a busy girl and would prefer to constantly be on the move. She is working hard at standing. She has always loved to stand and would demand that I hold her in the standing position for hours some days to survey the landscape. Now she can stand up by holding onto something for support - the coffee table, her fluffy sheep, the play mat arches or her dad's hair. Matilda's other new development this month has been scooting backwards, soon nothing in the house will be safe from her drool.

Rather than enjoy the swing ride, Matilda's objective was to suck on the cross bar. Matilda has been teething for the past month or so and has had everything under the sun in her mouth. Thankfully the puking has decreased somewhat, but is replaced by the drool. She will soak whatever she is playing with. One day recently Tim came home from work and picked up a toy to offer her, unaware that she had given it a good soaking earlier - he let out a good scream as he had a handful of cold soggy duck. Matilda is also developing new vocal sounds and has quite a grunt - we have yet to decipher the meaning.

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